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Sensitive Data From
XER & XML Schedules

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What is ScheduleCleaner?

ScheduleCleanerTM is a desktop application, which allows project schedulers, planners, managers, and other users to remove, convert or anonymize sensitive data within XER and XML project files exported from the Oracle® Primavera® P6® software.

What Type of Project Categories Can You Clean?


In XER File

  1. Remove all Costs, Units, Rates, Pricing and more
  2. Convert Global to Project Calendars
  3. Convert Global/EPS to Project Activity Codes and back
  4. Erase POBS and Risks
What can you clean in XER files

In XML File

  1. Remove all Costs, Units, Rates, Pricing
  2. Convert Global to Project Calendars
  3. Convert Global/EPS to Project Activity Codes and back
  4. Remove Baselines
What can you clean in XML files

Need to Clean Microsoft Project (.mpp) Files?

Learn more about our ProjectCleaner, the new add-in for Microsoft Project.

Clean MPP Files

Tools that Help Securely Share Confidential and Sensitive Data in Project Files

When project information is communicated with project stakeholders there is often the need to limit access to specific data for certain viewers.

When working with multiple contractors on a project, not all contractors necessarily need to see data such as material costs or expenses of an activity that they are not performing which can be found in the XER or XML schedule.

John from the PMO office, who receives the project plan to check and report on specific Activity progress, does not necessarily need to know the Labour costs or salary details of his colleagues contained within an .mpp file.

To ensure the privacy and the confidentiality of sensitive data that lies inside your project files, we have created our Cleaning Tools, which will allow you to remove or anonymize specific categories of data values within your project schedules (.xer & .xml files) and project plans (.mpp files).

Case: Remove All Pricing for Resources

This example illustrates the general principle of how ScheduleCleanerTM  works. The images represent screenshots made in ScheduleReader before and after the file was "cleaned" with ScheduleCleaner. By following these simple steps, users can quickly remove data such as all "Pricing for Resources.

Original File


After Cleaning the File


The same principle applies when cleaning other data categories such as costs, units, project progress, POBS data and more.

Discover More Use Cases

Anonymize The Resource Names

Anonymize resource names in Primavera P6

Mask and shield your Resource names and other confidential project data to stay aligned GDPR and privacy regulations while sharing schedule data with other parties.

Convert Global to Project Data

Clean prices for resources and roles

Prepare your file for database import. Remove or convert unwanted Primavera P6 Activity Codes, Global to Project Calendars and ensure your database remains unpolluted.

Remove POBS Data From XER File

Remove POBS

Clean POBS tables from XER files and reduce the file size which leads to improved database load times and performance during imports of external files.

How Does it Work?

ScheduleCleanerTM produces a filtered copy of the original XER file, without damaging the schedule integrity and logic.

This principle ensures that the original file remains unchanged and the end-user receiving the filtered copy of the project has access only to information that the owner has allowed to remain in the filtered version of the schedule.

How cleaning of project files works?

Case Study: How Layton Construction Improved Productivity by Automating The Removal of Proprietary Information in XER Files

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