Remove or Anonymize Confidential Data From Your Schedules & Project Plans

Tools for Secure Sharing and Control of Confidential and Sensitive data in Project Schedules and Project Plans

When project information is communicated with project stakeholders there is often the need to limit the access to specific data for certain viewers.


When working with multiple contractors on a project, not all contractors necessarily need to know or see data such as material costs or expenses of activities that they are not performing which can be found in the XER schedule.

John from the PMO office, who receives the project plan to check and report on specific Activity progress, does not necessarily need to know the Labour costs or salary details of his colleagues contained within the .mpp file.

To ensure the privacy and the confidentiality of sensitive data that lies inside your project files, we have created our Cleaning Tools, which will allow you to remove or anonymize specific categories of data values within your project schedules (.xer files) and project plans (.mpp files).

What Type of Project Categories Can You Clean?

In XER File

  1. All Costs
  2. All Units
  3. All Rates
  4. All Pricing
  5. Convert Global to Project Shared Resource Calendars
  6. Convert Activity Codes
  7. Clean Pobs

In MPP File

  1. Standard cost rates for a work resource
  2. Overtime cost rates
  3. Cost Per Use
  4. The name of a work resource
  5. The work progress

Ensuring Schedule Integrity & Secure Sharing of Project Data

When cleaning project files, the applications produce filtered copies of the original file, which are ready to be shared with different project stakeholders. This principle ensure that the original file remains secure in the hands of the primary owner and the end party receiving the filtered copy can only see the information that the owner has allowed.

How cleaning of project files works?

Use Case: The Need to Anonymize the Resource Names for GDPR

In accordance with GDPR requirements, privacy has become an important issue in every sector, from healthcare to construction and beyond. The project files that the Project prefessioanls share with external users contain sensitive information, such as resource names that can seriously disrupt the guidelines of the GDPR. With the help ScheduleCleanerTM, companies can protect sensitive information and stay GDPR compliant.

Read The Use Case
ScheduleCleaner use case - Stay GDPR complient with your projects


ScheduleCleaner release

Share .xer project schedule data with confidence

ScheduleCleaner is a Windows desktop application, which allows project schedulers, planners, contractors and other project participants to remove or anonymize data deemed confidential within .xer project files.

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