The Need to Anonymize the Resource Names

Project Schedulers and Project Managers who are sharing project plans have the express need to hide confidential data from external users. In addition, since the General Data Protection Regulation has been announced, privacy has become an important issue in every sector, from healthcare to construction and beyond.

The project files that the Project Schedulers, Project Managers or Project Leaders share with external users, contain sensitive information, such as resource names, that can seriously disrupt not only the guidelines of the GDPR, but the execution of the project plan itself.

Bearing in mind the importance of the confidentiality of this data, Project Schedulers need a reliable tool that will enable them to guaranty security of the sensitive project data and completeness of the project plan.

Our solution: How can a "Cleaner" help?

ScheduleCleaner™ is a powerful application, that enables the Project Schedulers and PM’s to anonymize the names of the resources prior to sharing the project files with external users.

With just a click of a button, users can mask the information for the names of the resources and take control of the data that’s being displayed when sharing project files.

The Outcome

With the help of the ScheduleCleanerTM, companies will be sure that project plans that are shared with the project contractors and other external stakeholders, do not contain private information, thus ensuring them not just to stay GDPR compliant, but to improve the overall privacy of the project plans.

Project Plan with Resource Names prior to using ScheduleCleanerTM.

Project plan before "Cleaning"

Project plan after "Cleaning"

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