Use Cases

Remove Project Progress & Actuals

Create reusable templates from your P6 schedules by resetting the project Progress and Actual values… Read More

Convert Global to Project Data

Convert Global to Project data and vice versa to ensure databases is not contaminated with unwanted… Read More

Remove POBS Data From XER Files

Remove POBS data from XER files to reduce project file size and get fast load times during database imports… Read More

Anonymize Resource Names

Confidentiality of sensitive project data is becoming increasingly important during data sharing… Read More

Remove Risks from P6 XER Files

Risks and risktype data can cause complication when imported into a P6 database. Remove your risks to avoid… Read More

Clean Prices for Resources & Roles

Clean or remove the costs data from your schedule before sharing the file with your contractors… Read More

Change the Version Number of Primavera P6 Files

Got a file from contractor, created with a more recent version of Primavera P6 such as v. 18.8. Change the version… Read More