Convert Global to Project Data

Project Schedulers must communicate project data with project participants and other stakeholders. Project data originally resides in a P6 database and is transferred between project participants and between P6 databases in the form of .xer or .xml file.

The Oracle® Primavera P6 database has a complex structure containing several types of data categories organized in more than 180 columns. During the export of data from a Primavera P6 database to a .xer or a .xml file, data referred to as Project and Global Data is contained within the output file.

For the needs of the project operations, the project schedule in the form of the XER/XML file is shared between project stakeholders and ultimately uploaded into another database.

Project Data can be described as data with specific unique values, tied to a project in the schedule, while Global Data, on the other hand, often contains data that is shared between several projects in one schedule.

During an import of a .xer/.xml file into a P6 database, both global and project data from the schedule are added onto the global and project data within the P6 database.

The import of external data may disrupt the structure of the database, as Global data may generate duplicate values, overwrite existing values and generate other inconsistencies in the end database.

How can ScheduleCleaner™ help?

ScheduleCleaner™, can convert Global to Project data, ensuring data values are kept unique and at project level, thus avoiding database pollution and corruption during an import of external project files.

Types of Global data categories that can be converted to Project data:

The Outcome

With the help of the ScheduleCleaner™, schedulers can avoid polluting the database with Global data during the import of external project files.

By converting Global Data from the file, you can ensure the data in the project file is unique and can be safely imported in the database where other projects and data are kept.

Global Activity Codes: Project plan before "Cleaning"

Global Activity Codes: Project plan after Cleaning

The same outcome applies when converting Global to Project Calendars.

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