Layton Construction Improved Productivity by Automating the Removal of Proprietary Information in XER Files

Brandon Howell
Director of Scheduling

The Problem

What was the main reason to choose ScheduleCleaner?

When we would import XER files from outside our organization, they would typically have thousands and thousands of risk types attached to them. 

Those risk types would pollute our database and really slow down the performance of P6. It would also infect the XER files that we would export out of our P6 database with all of those risk types which would then re-infect our database if it was imported back in. 

It became a non-battle trying to keep our database clean.

The Solution

How did ScheduleCleaner help you?

ScheduleCleaner is a great tool that allows us to scrub any XER file before importing it into our P6 database. 

It is super quick and intuitive and allows us to easily remove the risk types from the XER file so we do not continue to pollute our database. 

We have also utilized ScheduleCleaner to automatically convert global calendars to project calendars when importing as well as removing proprietary notes from our schedules when exporting.

The Outcome

What did you improve (results)?

ScheduleCleaner has improved our productivity in the sense that we are not constantly fighting the battle to keep our database clean anymore. It is also allowed us to remove proprietary information from the XER files when we are required to provide them to our clients which gives us more peace of mind.


How often do you use ScheduleCleaner?

Every scheduler in our department has a license and is required to run XER files through it prior to importing. I would say that it get’s used on a weekly if not daily basis.


Improvements & Suggestions

It would be nice when doing the Quick Clean if you could select multiple schedules and clean them all at once with the same parameters selected.

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