schedulecleaner version 2.4

New Quick Clean Upgrade: Remove Risks and Clean Multiple Files

A new ScheduleCleanerTM version that comes with several new features and improvements is now released.

The new features in ScheduleCleaner™ version 2.4 are as follows:

  1. Remove Risks from Quick Clean;
  2. Selection of multiple files and the possibility of Quick Clean of all selected files;
  3. Filtering costs according activities and resources codes;
  4. Filtering activity and resource according Global Activity/Resource codes;
  5. Filtering activity according Project/EPS codes;

With the new Quick Clean upgrade and filters for quickly locating key schedule data, ScheduleCleaner further simplifies the removal of sensitive project data from XER and XML schedules and helps project schedulers, planners and project managers to quickly secure their project data before sharing a copy of the schedule with other project stakeholders.

By modifying and removing project data in XER and XML schedules, ScheduleCleaner helps you to:

  1. Keep your sensitive project data confidential when sharing schedules in the XER and XML file formats.
  2. Keep your database free of unwanted data, by converting Global data to Project level and removing different types of Risk data
  3. Save valuable time spent on manually producing copies with different schedule data for each specific project stakeholders

You too can now quickly and securely highlight and communicate the important project schedule data to your project personnel. Request your Free Trial of ScheduleCleaner on the link below.

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