ScheduleCleaner Introduces Version 3.4

We are happy to announce the latest ScheduleCleaner release, 3.4.  

Our 3.4 version is introducing several new functionalities that will assist project schedulers in delivering work more efficiently.   

The key benefits available to the users with this version are:   

  • Sharing the cleaning modification among the team by using the new “Export Template” functionality;  
  • Modifying the appearance of the “Employee ID” field in the project plan.   

Export Templates  

The Export Template functionality enables you to save the modifications in a file that is easily shareable among the team members. It is intended for precise plan modifications, in accordance with the company standards and recommendations.  

With Export Template, project schedulers save working time, and avoid errors and misunderstandings about the project when they share it with stakeholders outside of the organization.


“Employee ID” field modification 

In our latest version, we have customized the appearance of the “Employee ID” field in the project plan.  

This will increase the number of total fields that can be modified in the project plan, enabling additional customization options to project schedulers.  

Experience the new ScheduleCleaner with all its benefits!   

All of the latest upgrades will be available on ScheduleCleaner from February 12th 2024. They come as an addition to the other ScheduleCleaner features and functionalities – you can learn more about them here 

If you want to test all the available features and functionalities, you can request a free 15-day ScheduleCleaner trial