Fast, Simple and Automated XER File Control

ScheduleCleaner has quickly positioned itself as a must-have tool for any project planner, scheduler and database administrator working with the Primavera P6 software.

This simple to use solution allows the user to remove, convert or anonymize sensitive data within XER and XML project files, before the schedule is shared to project stakeholders or imported into a P6 database.

While cleaning XER and XML files, ScheduleCleaner  produces a filtered copy of the original file and ensures that the integrity and logic of the original schedule remain intact.

ScheduleCleaner p6 xer control software

A Must Have Tool for Any P6 Scheduler

Secure sharing of sensitive P6 project data

Secure Sharing of Project Data

ScheduleCleaner is designed to provide schedulers and planners with greater control over the project data within XER & XML schedules, by allowing them to customize the data in each schedule to the specific stakeholder needs before sharing the file within or outside the organization. 

The solution allows you to remove, modify or anonymize more than 80 categories of project data in both XER and XML project files, such as: Units, Costs, Pricing, Resource Rates, POBS tables, Risks and more.

  •   Helps keep sensitive data confidential when sharing project files
  •   Allows you to share project data with confidence
  •   Saves valuable time spent on manually removing data

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Keep a Clean P6 Database

ScheduleCleaner plays a key role in the prevention of database pollution with unwanted data by acting as a security filter that helps validate and optimize existing XER and XML files or schedules received from external sources for database import.

The software supports the conversion of Global Activity Codes and Calendars to Project level, and vice versa, and allows the user to erase POBS and risks data, which can cause further complications after the import process.

  •   Helps avoid database pollution with unwanted Global and Risk data
  •   Eliminates intermediary database maintenance & investment costs
  •   Improves performance and load times of file imports in P6 database

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clean p6 database with schedulecleaner

How Layton Construction Improved Productivity by Automating The Removal of Proprietary Information in XER Files

How it Works? Remove or Clean Project Data

This example illustrates the project plan state before and after the file is "cleaned" with ScheduleCleaner. With few simple steps, users can remove all "Pricing for Resources". The software produces a filtered copy of the original project plan with the new modifications applied, while keeping the original file unchanged. The same result applies when removing other data categories such as costs, units, progress, POBS, risks and more. 

Original File


After Cleaning the File


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Helping Schedulers Take Control Over P6 Project Data

Ensure data confidentiality when sharing XER and XML project schedules, save time and keep a clean P6 database. Key features include:

Removal of Project Data

Remove values for different data categories in .xer and .xml schedules exported from Primavera® P6® such as costs, units, rates, expenses, POBS and more.

Masking of Project Data

Intentional obscuring/masking of the intended meaning of specific project data, so that they are less clear and more difficult for others to understand.

Adding Prefix/Suffix to Data Values

Add prefix or suffix to the values of different project data.

Converting Global
to Project Data

Changing global data into project data and vice versa, refers to keeping data unique for specific projects, without allowing pollution at the source, specifically when working with Calendars and Activity Codes.

Template Automation

Templates allow you to define specific modification settings to be used on a number of project files. They can be saved and re-used multiple times with Batch clean, which saves valuable time.


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