Control the Project Data Shared in MPP Files

ProjectCleaner is an add-in for Microsoft® Project that allows project managers to remove or anonymize the confidential data within .MPP files, prior to sharing the project plans with teams and external project stakeholders.

Secure Sharing of Confidential Data in .MPP Files

The application is designed to give project managers the ability to remove or anonymize data inside .mpp files.

Users are able to remove or anonymize data values of project categories such as:

  • The cost rates for a work resource;
  • The name of work resources;
  • The work progress.

How Does ProjectCleaner Work?

When "cleaning” .mpp files, ProjectCleaner creates a copy of the original project plan and all the modification performed to the file are saved in a new filtered .mpp file, ready to be shared with project teams and external stakeholders.

This approach ensures that the project plan's integrity is kept and provides a solution to the major security and privacy concerns when sensitive data is being shared in the .MPP file format.

Project Cleaner Workflow

Watch the Video: ProjectCleaner in Action

Case: Remove The Cost Rates of a Resource

Original .Mpp File

After Cleaning the .Mpp File with ProjectCleaner