Helping Project Teams Securely Share Sensitive Schedule Data

ScheduleCleanerTM is a software that enables project schedulers, planners, managers, and other users to remove, convert or anonymize sensitive data within XER and XML project files exported from the Oracle® Primavera P6 software.

Our Mission

Offer simple, and effective tools that maximize employees’ productivity while providing companies with solutions to improve project communication and modernize work when sharing project schedules.

Our Vision

ScheduleCleaner is the latest addition to our growing portfolio of project utility tools, designed to help project teams communicate schedule data in a safe and secure way. ScheduleCleaner will play a key role in our upcoming platform for centralized project communication.

About Us

We are company focused on delivering innovation that is constantly offering new services and developing modern, state of the art products which satisfy our different client' needs to the fullest extent. 

We work together with our clients and large network of partners to identify and meet the needs of our end users, as well as to improve and further develop our solutions. 

You can always leave us feedback or put in a request for a tailor made software feature or solutions through our contact page.

Our team has more than 18 years of experience in providing project management solutions that enhance the way companies work. The software solutions we provide are trusted by more than 6 million users and two-thirds of the Fortune 500 companies, across different industries.


Few of The Leading Companies Trusting our PM Solutions:

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We Help You Archieve Your Goals

Improving Project Communication

improve communication

Enable your project teams to share project data without the fear of revealing confidential or sensitive schedule information.

Supporting Your Project Teams


We guarantee supreme software quality and provide you with technical support, maintenance and assistance when needed.

Guaranteeing Data Security


Take control of  your schedule data and ensure it is securely shared on a need to know basis with the right stakeholders.


Try ScheduleCleanerTM

Download a 15-day free trial version or request a demo session where we can walk you through using the software and answer any questions.